IHeartWater Month 

The month between World Water Day, March 22nd and Earth Day, April 22nd is dedicated to events and activities which encourage environmental awareness. See the links below to get involved! 


Water footprint quiz

Take my water quiz to find out how much water it takes to use everyday products and perform daily tasks! See how large your water footprint really is.


Tree sapling information  

MWRD is giving away oak tree saplings this year because trees not only beautify our communities but they provide an effective form of green infrastructure. Did you know, a medium-sized oak tree can help prevent flooding and improve water quality by absorbing 2,800 gallons of rainfall per year?  If you would like to receive tree saplings to plant, please contact Carl Camacho at camachoc@mwrd.org or (312) 751-5081

Download Tree Canopy Brochure