#TeamJosina Summer Tour Lineup

The best and most fun (and free) way to get to know MWRD is to join us on a tour this summer.  We have a number of unique opportunities, from taking a River Boat Tour on the Calumet or Chicago River to a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the largest reservoir in the world! See our schedule below and sign up for a free tour today!

Chicago River.jpg

Chicago River Boat Tour

The MWRD Chicago River Boat Tour is a 3-hour tour in the downtown area. The tour begins in Ping Tom Park in Chinatown and proceeds through downtown. We will pass the Centennial Fountain which the District constructed to celebrate its 100th Anniversary. The boat then heads towards the US Army Corps-operated gate at Lake Michigan, and circles back around. Tour will pick up and drop off participants a Ping Tom Park in Chinatown. Limit of 12 participants.


Chicago River Boat Tour - Friday, July 12th 11a-2p 

Chicago River Boat Tour - Friday, August 2nd 11a-2p

Chicago River Boat Tour - Friday, August 30th 11am-2p

Calumet River.jpg

Calumet River Boat Tour

For the second time, we will be offering an MWRD River Boat Tour of the Calumet River that flows from Lake Michigan through South Chicago into Lake Calumet. This is a 3-hour tour that will start at 95th Street and take us south and west through the highly industrialized corridor and to Lake Calumet and the Illinois Port Authority. Tour will pick up and drop off participants at Crowley Boat Yard on 95th Street. Limit of 12 participants.


Calumet River Boat Tour - Friday, June 28th, 10-1p

Little Calumet.jpg

NEW: Little Calumet River Boat Tour

New to our tour lineup is an unique experience for our guests! On Thursday, August 22, we are joining forces with Blacks In Green (BIG) and Professor Larry McCellan to learn more about local sights along the Little Calumet River and their historical connection to the Underground Railroad. This is a first of its kind, 3-hour tour from 10a - 1p, picking up from Sunset Bay Marina. Details to follow. Limit of 12 participants.


Little Calumet River Boat Tour - Thursday August 22nd, 10-1p


Stickney Plant with Biosolids Train:

This is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. Visitors will get to tour the wastewater treatment process and MWRD's greenhouse and laboratories. After touring the Stickney WRP, we board the biosolids train to the Lawndale Ave. Solids Management Area (LASMA) in Willow Springs where we will view the biosolid drying fields, view the McCook Reservoir from above and return back to Stickney. Tour will be approximately 3 hours.


Stickney Plant Tour - Wednesday, August 14th, 11pm - 2pm